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We'd like to thank each of our generous sponsors:

Title Sponsor

Sponsor By: Quest Settlements

Signature Resolution

Friday Lunch Sponsor

Sponsor By: Signature Resolution

"Spa Day" Sponsor

Sponsor By: Verdict Videos

Verdict Videos
Chang _ Klein LLP

Dinner Sponsor

Sponsor By: Chang | Klein LLP

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Transportation Sponsor: $10,000

Sponsor By: Elder Spencer

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t-Shirt Sponsor

Sponsor By:Dordick Law Corp

Beach Towel Sponsor

Sponsor By: Injury Law Consultants

The Injury Law Consultants

Metal Water Bottle Sponsor

Sponsor By: Wilshire Law Firm

Wilshire Law Firm

Morning Yoga Sponsor

Sponsor By: Attorney Share

New Project (41).webp
New Project (26).pngInjury Institute

Tote Bag Sponsor

Sponsor By: Injury Institute

Tork Law

Dinner Photo Booth Sponsor

Sponsor By: Tork Law

Expert MRI

Breakfast Sponsor - Thursday

Sponsor By: Expert MRI

KW Court Reporting

Breakfast Sponsor - Friday

Sponsor By: KW Court Reporting

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Cabana Sponsor: $5,000

Sponsor By: Stalwart Law Group

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Notebok Sponsor: $5,000

Sponsor By: Compass Consulting Engineers

Breakfast Sponsor - Saturday

Sponsor By: ADR Services

ADR Services
New Project (39).webp

Dinner Band Sponsor

Sponsor By: Bremer Whyte

Signature Resolution

Lunch Wine Sponsor - Friday

Sponsor By: Signature Resolution

Sedaghat Law Group

Makeup Bag Sponsor

Sponsor By: Sedaghat Law Group

New Project (43).webp

Welcome Reception Band Sponsor

Sponsor By: Elite Legal Marketing

Poolside Taco Sponsor

Sponsor By: Wilshire Law Firm

Wilshire Law Firm
BluShark Digital

WiFi Sponsor

Sponsor By:BluShark Digital

Lanyard & Badge Sponsor

Sponsor By: Quest Settlements

Quest Settlements

Wristband Sponsor

Sponsor By: CASEpeer


Bikini Bag Sponsor

Sponsor By: Aquino Trial Services

Aquino Trial Services
Quantum Nurse Consultants

Pool Party Mariachi Sponsor

Sponsor By:  Nathalie Quan

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Dinner Flower Sponsor

Sponsor By: Cedar Pointe Chiropractic Group

Pen Sponsor

Sponsor By: Judicate West

Judicate West

Compact Mirror Sponsor

Sponsor By: Doctors on Liens

Doctors on Liens
New Project (26).webp

Coffee Sponsor, Friday

Sponsor By: Loyola Family Health & Wellness Center

Lip Balm Sponsor

Sponsor By: EZ Tek Support

EZ Tek Support
Signature Resolution

Lunch Flower Sponsor Friday

Sponsor By: Signature Resolution

Coffee Sponsor, Saturday

Sponsor By: Galperin Hensley

Galperin Hensley
New Project (28).webp

Coffee Sponsor, Sunday: $2,000

Sponsor By:Goody Law Group

New Project (30).webp

Coffee Sponsor, Thursday

Sponsor By: Essence Medical Solutions

New Project (32).png

Welcome Reception Bar Sponso

Sponsor By: Alternative Resolution Centers

New Project (43).png

Supporter Sponsor

Sponsor By: Gladiate

New Project (44).png

Supporter Sponsor

Sponsor By: Fast Cash Legal

New Project (49).png

Booth Sponso

Sponsor By: Hennig Kramer

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