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Group Trips
Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not a lawyer?


You do not need to be a lawyer to attend the Women in Trial Travel Summit group trips. Though most of the attendees will be women lawyers, there is no requirement that you practice law to attend.

What if I Don't need mcle credits?


If you aren't a lawyer or simply don't need the MCLE credits, then you are not required to participate in any of the CLE programs. While you are certainly welcome to join, there is no requirement that you sit in on the CLE programs either.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

The cancellation policy is as follows:


  • Your deposit is non-refundable, but may be rolled over to another group trip.

  • If you cancel 60+ days before the trip start date, 50% of your payment will be refunded.

  • If you cancel 30-59 days before the trip start date, 25% of your payment will be refunded.

  • If you cancel 29 days or less before the trip start date, you forfeit 100% of your payment.


If something comes up and you absolutely must cancel but don't want to forfeit your payment, please reach out to a WITTS team member to see if there is something we can do.  We may be willing to allow a full refund if a replacement is found in a timely fashion.  As always, we want to work with you and understand that life does happen, so please just email us if you encounter a problem. If you cancel more than 30 days out and there is a waitlist and we are able to fill your spot, you will get a full refund.


Depending on the policy and conditions, travel insurance will pay also for some or all cancellation fees.  That is another reason why we require all attendees to purchase travel insurance.  Most travel insurance must be purchased travel within 21 days or less of booking your reservation.

If the trip itself is cancelled or rescheduled by WITTS organizers, all monies paid will be fully refunded.

is a group trip right for me?

Our WITTS Small Group Trips have been meticulously designed for independent women who seek a combination of rich cultural immersion, meaningful connections, and exceptional accommodations in some of the world's most captivating destinations. Above all, we hold dear values like kindness, inclusivity, and respect, both for our fellow travelers and the destinations we have the privilege to visit.

Please review the descriptions below thoughtfully to determine if this trip aligns with your preferences:

  1. EMBRACING NOVELTY: You always approach a new adventure with an open mind. You eagerly welcome the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a destination, regardless of how different it may be from your daily life and home country.

  2. LEADING WITH POSITIVITY: We anticipate our participants to foster an environment of mutual respect and inclusion. You make it a point to lead with kindness and respect, maintaining a glass-half-full perspective on life, and understanding that travel can sometimes be taxing and stressful for some people. You will agree to commit yourself to treating other attendees with respect.

  3. EMBRACING FLEXIBILITY: You understand that no matter how meticulously planned, travel can present unexpected challenges. You are prepared to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and embrace spontaneity.

  4. PRIOR RESEARCH: Prior to embarking on your journey, you take the time to familiarize yourself with the destination. We firmly believe that a bit of preparation and understanding of the place you are visiting enhance the meaning of your trip and set realistic expectations.

  5. MAKING NEW FRIENDS: Whether you are traveling solo or with a friend, you're enthusiastic about the opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded women who share your passion for travel.

  6. SELF-SUFFICIENCY WITH SUPPORT: You appreciate having some guidance, but you don't require hand-holding. We take pride in providing exceptional customer service from the moment a trip is launched until your return home. However, we empower our participants to be self-reliant and embrace their adventurous spirit. We aim to offer free time, recognizing that everyone has their unique travel style, but we are always available to provide suggestions and recommendations whenever needed.

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