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October 8 - 15, 2022

The Women in Trial Travel Summit Small Group Trip to Tuscany was held from October 8 through 15 of 2022. A group of twelve women visited Italy's most stunning landscape: Tuscany. Attendees took in the wonderful things that Italy has to offer, while simultaneously checking off six hours of those pesky MCLE specialty credits. These credits have been approved by the State Bar of California. This week long program was specifically designed so that attendees learned approximately one hour of MCLEs (covering topics like ethics, competency and bias) each morning before heading out to sight-see or enjoy group activities the rest of the day. The group visited the magical cities of Florence, Lucca and Siena, learned to make fresh pasta by hand, hunted for white truffles with a master truffle hunter (where the dog "Mela"  found two black truffles and one white truffle!), ate incredible authentic Italian meals and savored the acclaimed wines of the region.

6 hours of MCLE ethics credits were approved for this program. Access the materials HERE.

Quest Settlements Rosa Florentino

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8 Day Itinerarys

Sunday, October 9

Cooking Class + Siena

Buongiorno! On your first full day in Italy, you'll start with a light breakfast, during which you'll gain 1 hour of MCLE specialty credits. Then we will all take a short drive to a nearby farmhouse, where you will learn to make authentic Italian pasta by hand. We'll of course eat the incredible meal we learned to make, then head to the beautiful Tuscan city of Siena. We'll start in Piazza del Campo and meander through the medieval brick buildings. After some time to shop or visit one of the many museums, you'll enjoy an authentic Italian family style dinner at a casual restaurant with the group in town.

Cooking Class
Cityscape of Florence

Saturday, October 8

Meet in Florence

Meet up with the group midday in fabulous Firenze. Attendees must arrive before 2 pm. Depending on how you choose to arrive, you'll either be greeted at the train station or picked up at the airport in our private Mercedes Sprinter van. Once everyone is in Florence, we will make the approximate 1 hour drive to our private luxury villa in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. That evening, you'll get situated in your room (either private or shared, depending on your choice) and then we'll all join together for a three course meal al fresco (weather permitting).


Monday, October 10

San Miniato Truffle Hunting

Ever wonder where those delightful white truffles come from? Well, you'll soon find out. Often touted as a bucket list item for true foodies, truffle hunting in the Italian countryside is a real treat. After our morning MCLEs over breakfast, we will head out to the countryside where we will meet a master truffle hunter, learn all about the art of truffle hunting, then dine on the famous white truffles of the area while savoring some of the region's best wine. That afternoon, we will explore the quaint city of San Miniato, then return to our villa to enjoy dinner either in the villa or at a restaurant nearby.

Tuesday, October 11

Wine Tasting in Chianti 

You'll gain 1 hour of MCLE specialty credits over breakfast before heading out mid-morning to some of the local wineries in Chianti. You'll tour the winery and sample wines at the famed Antinori nel Chianti Classico (pictured), where you'll enjoy lunch in their rooftop restaurant, Rinuccio 1180, with a custom menù selected by the chef. After lunch, you will move on to other wineries, such as Castello Di Poppiano or Castello Monsanto. After an afternoon sampling Tuscan wines, you will head back to the villa where your private chef will cook authentic Italian-style pizzas.

Spiral Staircase
Tower of Pisa

Wednesday, October 12

Day Trip to Pisa

After gaining 1 hour of specialty credits over breakfast in the morning again, the group will take a day trip to the town of Pisa, which is about an hour drive. You'll of course see the famed Leaning Tower, then grab a casual lunch together. After lunch, you'll see the stunning Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, Campo Santo and the Bapistery. After several hours of free time to shop, visit museums, or simply take a passeggiata, you'll join back up with the group for a dinner together at a seafood restaurant in Pisa (their specialty).

Thursday, October 13

Free Day

After a light breakfast and an hour of MCLE credits in the morning, we'll decide as a group on what we would like to do for the day. You can choose to stay at the villa for some alone time, split off in smaller groups for activities like hiking or walking through the countryside, or visit another of Tuscany's cute, quaint towns like Montepulciano, Arezo or Montalcino--all of which are known for their wonderful wines. Finally, we will all enjoy our last meal at the villa together, with a three course meal cooked by Chef Celine. Then pack your bags for a full day in Florence tomorrow!

Florence Cathedral

Friday, October 14


We'll start our day with a light breakfast, then load up in our Sprinter van for a full day trip to Firenze. Making the most of our time, you will get 1 hour of MCLE specialty credits over breakfast and 1 hour during the ride there. We'll spend the morning at the famed Accademia Gallery (where you'll find Michelangelo's David) then join up for lunch at a casual Florentine eatery. After lunch, you'll visit the Uffizi Gallery and then spend the afternoon walking through Mercato Centrale or along Ponte Vecchio. We'll finish off the trip with some cocktails and dinner together that evening.

Saturday, October 15

Depart Home

We will stay Friday night at a hotel in Florence. Thankfully the airport is very close to the city center. Since most flights to the United States leave out of Florence in the morning, we'll all need to be ready to depart early from our hotel room to get to the airport on time. The departure time will depend on people's respective flights. Should you wish to stay an additional night in Florence, you are encouraged to do so (at your own expense). By this time, you should have plenty of friends to keep you company and join you for an extra day.


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