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Teresa Diep

Teresa Diep

Teresa Diep was born in Vietnam and raised in Los Angeles. She is fluent in Vietnamese and semi fluent in Chinese. She spent most of her early years bouncing from American school to Chinese school. She has a love for all things art, having been influenced at an early age by her father who was a famous artist in Vietnam. She is an avid photographer and jumps at the opportunity to dust off her cameras.

Teresa works with many firms and wears many hats. She is the founder of Outlier Creative Agency, a co-founder of Justice HQ and is the Director of Marketing and Events at Simon Law Group. Prior to starting Outlier, she was a Business Development Manager for several startups, specializing in developing strategic brand partnerships. There she was able to use her passion for technology and business acumen to accelerate the startup’s foothold in the West Coast market. She was quickly promoted to handling the entire West Coast.

Teresa is also a successful event planner, she’s had the honor of producing many high caliber events for clients like Fox Studios, Annapurna Pictures, James Cameron and many more.

As Director of Marketing at the Simon Law Group, she brings her expertise in business development and marketing. She produces the Justice Team Podcast, handles all digital media, and is the lead planner of the annual Law Di Gras conference.

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