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Jennifer M. McCallum

Jennifer M. McCallum

With more than 20 years of experience in International Intellectual Property Law, Dr. McCallum is a standout in her industry with exceptionally focused expertise in successfully representing biotechnology, pharmaceutical, nanotechnology, renewable energy and medical device companies. She is actively involved in litigation relating to Intellectual Property, such as patent infringement litigation, interferences, mediation and/or arbitration. She also assists her clients with the sale or licensing of their IP and frequently works overseas rolling out new technologies.

Far beyond her title of patent attorney, Dr. McCallum facilitates global deal flow on behalf of her many clients worldwide including investment banks, venture capital groups, universities, private equity, family offices and bankruptcy trustees. Dr. McCallum provides advice and counsel to business entities of every type, assisting organizations in various financial transactions, such as acquisitions or mergers, large-scale funding events, global expansion of markets and global sale of commodity items. She is also involved in directing the regulatory and clinical research efforts of many of her clients in order to assist with development of new drugs and/or devices. She also does due diligence for many of her financial clients prior to them investing funds into a company and then negotiates, papers and closes those deals. She also sits on several boards of those portfolio companies to represent her client’s interests going forward.

Dr. McCallum has received many accolades over the span of two decades including an appointment by Governor Owens to the State’s Biotechnology Council, voted one of the 40 top business leaders under the age of 40 by the Denver Business Journal, Voted Outstanding Woman in Business in the professional services category in 2004 by the Denver Business Journal, has received four appointments as the Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Committee on Bioethics, was sponsored in 2006 by the American Bar Association for an en banc admission to the US Supreme Court, her law firm was voted one of the 25 top woman-owned businesses in Colorado two years in a row and has been honored as Alumni of the Year by both her undergraduate and graduate universities. She is also a frequent guest speaker at various technology, private equity and/or scientific meetings.

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