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Heather McCabe

Heather McCabe

Heather is the firm’s managing partner and divorce law guru. Heather knows all the ins and outs of divorce in Maryland and DC, and she knows exactly what to do to put her clients in a position to accomplish their goals.

Prior to founding the firm, Heather taught at both Georgetown University and American University. Her advocacy and writing skills are unparalleled and she routinely leaves those of us in the office in awe of her abilities. Clients love Heather because she speaks common sense and negotiates consistently brilliant results while being completely delightful. She is warm, smart and a fierce advocate for her clients. Heather has seen divorce from both sides of the table. She understands what clients are going through and it is her mission to see them through to the other side. When Heather talks about her job she will tell you, “my clients deserve to be happy and it is my job to help them get there.”

In 2023, Heather was appointed by Governor Wes Moore to the Trial Court Judicial Nominating Commission for Howard County. There are 16 Commissions in Maryland which are charged with nominating judges of the Circuit Courts and the District Court of Maryland. Heather will serve in this prestigious position until 2027.

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