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"Spa Day" Sponsor: $15,000

"Spa Day" Sponsor: $15,000

2024 Sponsor: Verdict Videos

Highest event visibility after the Title sponsor. This sponsor will gift each attendee a $40 spa or food and beverage credit, to be used during the duration of the conference. A personalized gift card with the sponsors logo on it will be distributed to each attendee upon check-in. Registration attendees will be instructed to tell each attendee about the credit so the card doesnt get lost or overlooked. This sponsorship also includes:

A booth. Option to set up a table outside the meeting rooms each day, giving the sponsor the opportunity to interact with conference attendees each morning
Public thanks at the dinner
Company logo on event flyers and emails
Full page ad in the event program
Option to add swag of any kind to the goodie bag that each attendee receives upon check-in.*
3 attendees from the sponsors company or firm may attend all the hosted events ($2,085 value)

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